Argentina skips the Buenos Aires bus parade in the World Cup 2022 amidst celebrations

Argentina’s World Cup champions had to forgo an open-top bus procession in Buenos Aires and instead flew over the throngs of jubilant supporters partying in the streets in a helicopter.

At the start of an eight-hour journey, the team displayed the trophy.

However, the chaos caused by the celebrations on the congested roadways made some reconsider.

According to presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti, “the eruption of pleasure made it impossible to continue on the ground.”

At one point, when the bus carrying the players travelled underneath a bridge, social media videos appeared to show fans rushing onto the top deck, with one fan falling off.

Return to Argentina and a bank holiday are declared
As it transpired, many gathered for the World Cup procession.
After Lionel Messi and his teammates defeated France in the final on Sunday, the Argentine government stated that Tuesday would be a national holiday in the South American nation.

Local estimates state that there were about four million people lining the streets of Buenos Aires.

“One of the most amazing parties in Argentina’s history occurred today. Throughout hours and hours of exhilarating togetherness, there was nothing but joy and thankfulness “Cerruti threw in.

The players left the Argentine Football Association (AFA) training site at 11:45 local time to travel 20 miles to the heart of Buenos Aires after returning from Qatar early on Tuesday morning (14:45 GMT).

Later that day, the voyage was to end at the capital city’s famous Obelisk monument, where tens of thousands had congregated and created a festive scene.

However, as some of the festivities turned too wild, security personnel refused to permit the bus to continue to Plaza de la Repblica, the public space where the Obelisk is located.

“On behalf of all the champion players, a thousand excuses. What a disgrace, “Chiqui Tapia, the AFA’s president, tweeted.

It was a sea of colour in Plaza de la Repblica as they awaited the team, with most of the ecstatic supporters sporting the national team’s blue and white colours.

While some supporters played instruments or climbed lampposts, banners of captain Messi and the late Diego Maradona, another legendary Argentina player and captain of the 1986 World Cup champions, were raised.

As the parade travelled toward the Argentine capital, hundreds of spectators lined the streets, many of whom were on motorbikes and were following the bus on the highway.

One of those present, Matias Gomez, 25, said, “It’s crazy, it’s fantastic, it’s the best thing that can happen to you in life.”

“It brings me great joy to see all of these joyful people gathered together, holding hands, hugging, and kissing each other. Today, we are all one.”

The team’s captain and striker for Paris St. Germain, Lionel Messi, sat in the middle of the group of players on the upper deck. By winning the World Cup, Messi solidified his status as many people’s favourite player in football history.

He uploaded a photo to Instagram earlier on Tuesday showing himself waking up next to the trophy.

Since Sunday’s thrilling victory over France in a penalty shootout in Qatar, which delivered the nation its first World Cup victory since Maradona hoisted the trophy 36 years ago, Argentina has been in full celebration mode.

In one of the most memorable World Cup finals in the competition’s history, Messi, 35, finally realised his World Cup ambition as La Albiceleste claimed their third championship.

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