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Arsenal Player of the Season 2023-24 Power Rankings

The 2023-24 season brings renewed hopes and aspirations for Arsenal, and as they aim to compete on multiple fronts, the race for the coveted Player of the Season award has intensified. With marquee summer signings and familiar faces, the Gunners are looking to make their presence felt. Let’s delve deeper into the power rankings and explore how the players are faring in the early stages of the season.

1. Declan Rice: The Dominant Force

Rating: 8/10 Declan Rice’s arrival at Arsenal raised some eyebrows due to the hefty price tag. However, he has quickly justified the investment with outstanding performances. Rice’s dramatic stoppage-time goals have sent the Emirates into delirium, and his long-range strikes have been pivotal in the team’s resurgence. He’s not just a goal-scoring sensation; his all-round dominance in midfield is a joy to behold. Keeping him fit for the season’s duration will be crucial for Arsenal’s success.

2. Bukayo Saka: The Young Prodigy

Rating: 8/10 At just 22 years old, Bukayo Saka continues to solidify his reputation as one of the most productive widemen in Europe. He’s been directly involved in seven of Arsenal’s goals this season, including a crucial assist against Chelsea. Saka’s versatility and flair make him an indispensable asset, but it’s essential to manage his workload carefully to ensure consistent excellence.

3. William Saliba: The Solid Defender

Rating: 8/10 Arsenal sorely missed William Saliba when he was sidelined at the end of the previous season. His return has been a defensive game-changer. With a string of solid performances at the back, Saliba has showcased his maturity and composure. At the moment, it’s hard to think of a better center-back in the Premier League.

4. Martin Odegaard: The Midfield Maestro

Rating: 7.5/10 Martin Odegaard was the heartbeat of Arsenal’s midfield last season, and this season is no different. He has hardly missed a second of action and has netted crucial goals against Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Although there have been murmurs that the new midfield setup might not fully maximize Odegaard’s potential, there’s no reason to be overly concerned about his contributions.

5. Ben White: The Reliable Defender

Rating: 7/10 Ben White’s consistent performances have made him one of the Premier League’s most dependable defenders. He has started every one of Arsenal’s Premier League games this season, rarely putting a foot wrong. White’s reliability at the back is a significant asset.

6. Gabriel Martinelli: The Dynamic Forward

Rating: 7/10 Gabriel Martinelli had to wait a while for his first Premier League goal of the season, but it was well worth the wait, coming in the dying stages of Arsenal’s victory over Manchester City. While his numbers may not be as impressive as the previous campaign, Martinelli continues to pose a threat in every match.

7. David Raya: The Goalkeeper Debate

Rating: 5.5/10 The inclusion of David Raya in the starting lineup over Ramsdale has sparked debate among fans. Raya’s competence on the ball has improved Arsenal’s build-up play, but concerns remain regarding the mistakes that have crept into his performances. It appears that Raya is currently the preferred choice, although he hasn’t entirely convinced the supporters.

8. Thomas Partey: The Versatile Midfielder

Rating: 5/10 Mikel Arteta’s experimental decision to move Thomas Partey to the right-back position raised eyebrows. His performances in this new role were met with skepticism, and before he could return to his natural midfield role, an untimely injury sidelined him. Partey’s versatility remains an asset, but his adaptation to the right-back role is still a work in progress.

9. Jorginho: The Marmite Player

Rating: 5/10 Jorginho has been a polarizing figure among Arsenal fans. Criticized after matches against Manchester City and Chelsea, his playing style has divided opinions. Some believe he’s too conservative, while others appreciate his safe and steady approach. Jorginho’s performances will be closely scrutinized as the season unfolds.

10. Takehiro Tomiyasu: The Versatile Squad Member

Rating: 5/10 Takehiro Tomiyasu’s versatility makes him a valuable squad member. His ability to play in different positions provides valuable options for Mikel Arteta, especially as the Gunners navigate various competitions. Although a red card temporarily disrupted his season, Tomiyasu remains a viable choice for closing out games from the bench.

11. Jakub Kiwior: The Serviceable Left-Back

Rating: 5/10 Jakub Kiwior was drafted in as a left-back for one of the early-season matches against Fulham. While he did a serviceable job, his role was never expected to be more significant. Kiwior’s contributions remain a part of the team’s squad depth.

12. Kai Havertz: The Inconsistent Performer

Rating: 5/10 Kai Havertz’s performances have been inconsistent, with glimpses of brilliance followed by quiet spells. Despite moments of promise, he’s yet to secure a regular spot in the starting XI. Havertz will aim to regain consistency and make a more significant impact as the season progresses.

As the season unfolds, the competition for Arsenal’s Player of the Season award promises to be thrilling and dynamic. The rankings are subject to change as players’ performances evolve and new stars emerge. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Arsenal’s top performers.

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