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Leatherhead’s Unbeaten Streak Ends Against Chertsey Town

Leatherhead, previously unbeaten in the league, faced a formidable challenge when they hosted Chertsey Town. The Curfews managed to shatter their unbeaten streak, causing them to slip from the top position.

 The Decisive Goal and Shift in Standings

On the sixty-fourth minute mark, the game witnessed a turning point as Conor Lee from Chertsey Town netted the sole goal. This victory propelled Chertsey Town to claim the second position in the league standings.

Recap: Leatherhead 0, Chertsey Town 1

In a tightly contested match, Chertsey Town emerged victorious with a 1-0 scoreline against Leatherhead. The decisive goal, courtesy of Conor Lee, brought Leatherhead’s unbeaten run to an end and elevated Chertsey Town to the second spot in the league rankings. The game was a testament to skill and determination on the football field.

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