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Oleksandr Usyk’s Coach Blasts Daniel Dubois: Was It a “Dirty Fight”?

In an exclusive interview with Casino Alpha, Oleksandr Usyk’s coach Sergey Lapin did not hold back as he criticized Daniel Dubois and his team’s tactics during their recent bout. Lapin questioned Dubois’ strategy, accusing him of turning the fight into a “dirty fight” with illegal punches and ultimately referred to Dubois as a “quitter” lacking the mentality to become a champion.

Dubois’ Strategy: Turning Boxing into a “Street Fight”

Sergey Lapin, who was at ringside during the fight, expressed his perspective on Dubois’ strategy. According to Lapin, it was evident from the beginning of the fight that Dubois and his team had planned to reduce the art of boxing to a “street fight” by resorting to illegal punches. Lapin argued that Dubois’ only hope against the highly skilled Usyk was to employ any means necessary, including illegal tactics, to slow down his opponent. Lapin emphasized that heavyweight boxing should not resemble a barroom brawl, and experienced referees were in place to ensure a fair contest.

Dubois’ Controversial Actions

The bout’s pivotal moment came when Dubois delivered a low blow to Usyk in round five, leading to a controversial discussion about the legality of the punch. Sergey Lapin defended Usyk’s response to the low blow, stating that it was a clear act of desperation on Dubois’ part. Lapin pointed out that Usyk’s dominance in the fight was evident, and Dubois resorted to illegal tactics to gain an advantage.

Dubois: A “Quitter” Without the Champion’s Mentality

Lapin did not mince words when it came to his assessment of Daniel Dubois. He labeled Dubois as a “quitter” who lacks the mental fortitude required to become a champion. Lapin cited Dubois’ decision to quit during the fight, similar to his previous bout against Joe Joyce, as evidence of his mental limitations. According to Lapin, being a champion demands more than just physical strength and punching power, and Dubois’ actions, including quitting and complaining after the fight, showcased his deficiencies in this regard.

Usyk’s Commitment to Proving Himself

In contrast to Dubois, Sergey Lapin praised Oleksandr Usyk as the best of his generation, willing to prove his worth in the ring. Talks are reportedly underway for Usyk to fight in Saudi Arabia in January, indicating his commitment to the sport. However, Lapin hinted at potential obstacles when fighters like Tyson Fury are involved, suggesting that Usyk’s path to further success may face challenges in the future.

The Low Blow Controversy

For a detailed breakdown of the controversy surrounding the low blow in the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Daniel Dubois fight, Anish Parekh provides insights and analysis.

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