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The Three Best UFC Matches in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, which has some of the biggest, greatest, and most extravagant casinos in the world, is one of the most well-known locations in the world for casinos and gambling. Although there are many benefits to claiming a fantastic offer for online sportsbooks and casinos at websites like, nothing quite compares to the excitement of being in the thick of the action. Home to these UFC matches.

It is a unique location for sports as well as casinos. not just betting on sports, but also competing in sports, in particular. The boxing capital of the world, Sin City has seen some legendary matches between legendary boxers. Boxing isn’t the only significant fighting sport that has gained popularity recently, though, as times have changed. In fact, MMA and UFC are becoming more and more well-liked among fans and sports bettors, and some even consider them to be more fascinating.

The three largest and greatest MMA fights ever to take place in Las Vegas are listed here.

3: Tate Arena, Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz II

Nate Diaz stopped the Conor McGregor success train in the first fight. On UFC Fight Night 196, Diaz used a rear-naked choke to put McGregor to sleep in the second round. International fans were astonished, but Diaz wasn’t. The defeat left McGregor upset, and he became obsessed with getting even. This obsession led to the rematch at UFC 2022.

In the opening round, McGregor displayed his boxing prowess and timed kicks to keep the crowd on its feet. But as the fight progressed, he began to lose energy, which is when Diaz upped the ante. Although Diaz dominated in terms of volume, McGregor had more accuracy and managed to edge the scorecard with a few knockdowns. McGregor was able to rip him apart with precise jabs and strikes.

The two played back and forth throughout the game, but their final embrace displayed great sportsmanship and grace. This is something that won’t be quickly forgotten.

2: MGM Grand Arena, Robbie Lawler vs. Rory McDonald

The rematch between Robbie Lawler and Rory McDonald was barely mentioned in the build-up to UFC 189 because Conor McGregor was expected to compete against Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight belt.

But in the end, it was these two combatants who stole the show. They came for a proper war, and what a battle it was—they weren’t just there to win. The two men exchanged grenade fire while standing face to face. Lawler poured forth combinations and blows from all angles, more than living up to his reputation as a ruthless champion. Rory, however, skillfully fought back.

The confrontation they had at the conclusion of round four may still rank among the sexiest MMA moments in history. McDonald clearly gave a decent account of himself, even if Lawler emerged victorious in round 5.

1: Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar, The Ultimate Fighter 1 finale

First up, we have what is frequently regarded as the most significant match in MMA history. If these two competitors hadn’t brought down the house back in 2005, the UFC might not be what it is now.

The UFC had been given the ultimatum that it would lose its TV contract if it didn’t deliver something remarkable. Bonnar and Griffin, who more than met the challenge, should be commended. For many years following, they delivered a battle that set the standard for UFC contests.


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