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After Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford before the conclusion of United’s victory over Tottenham, Erik ten Hag will “deal with” him.

After not being used as a substitute in Manchester United’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham, Cristiano Ronaldo stormed out of Old Trafford before the game was done. The 37-year-old watched from the stands as United defeated Spurs to close the gap on the top four teams in the Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo departed Old Trafford before the end of Manchester United’s 2-0 victory against Tottenham, and Erik ten Hag says he will “deal with” him.

Unused replacement In the final moments of Wednesday’s game at Old Trafford, Ronaldo could be seen making his way up the tunnel and down the touchline.

The 37-year-old stood in the stands as Fred and Bruno Fernandes’ goals helped United defeat Spurs and pull within one point of the top four in the Premier League, but Ronaldo decided enough was enough when Ten Hag decided against using him off the bench.

When asked if he had spoken to Ronaldo before leaving the field before the game was over, United manager Ten Hag responded to Amazon Prime: “He was there, I have seen him, but I didn’t speak with him.”

Ten Hag continued: “I don’t pay attention to that; I will deal with that tomorrow” in the post-game press conference. I want to keep the team front and centre.

“All 11 players performed incredibly well. I need to make a correction. The replacements that came on also put on a show. It was another squad performance. What we’ve seen, in my opinion, is 11 players on defence and 11 players on offence. I felt happy.

Man Utd reaching end of the road with Ronaldo?

Although Cristiano Ronaldo frequently makes headlines, his pouting departure couldn’t overshadow the team led by Erik ten Hag’s players taking yet another positive step in the right path.

Ronaldo, who was an unused replacement, complained that he was given little to do when United defeated Tottenham 2-0 thanks to goals from Fred and Bruno Fernandes, but his complaints are unjustified given how well United played.

From beginning to end, United outplayed a weak Spurs team, proving their continuous acclimatisation to Ten Hag’s strategies with an offensive performance as thorough as any at Old Trafford in recent memory, much alone since the Dutchman took over.

The result might have been much more lopsided if it weren’t for the heroics of Hugo Lloris. United made 28 shots on goal, the most of any team in a Premier League game this season and the most Antonio Conte had ever allowed as a manager.

Ronaldo was a bench player against Liverpool, Arsenal, and now Spurs, all of which United won with increasing ease. It is obvious that the team is already adjusting to life without him. His discontentment will only speed that up.

‘The only way is Ten Hag’s way’

On Sky Sports News, Dutch football analyst Marcel van der Kraan said:

“I don’t anticipate a peaceful discussion. We have observed in the past in Holland that he would make sure who was in command when he was dealing with stars in his squad.

He is also renowned for being an extremely stable manager; in all of his responsibilities, his discipline has never changed. His success also stems from that.

He is interacting with a player of Cristiano Ronaldo’s calibre for the first time in his career. That kind of star has never before turned against him. In the summer, he claimed that Ronaldo was one of his most crucial players.

“Ten Hag made it quite apparent that the fact that he skipped preseason was crucial. The Erik ten Hag path is the sole possible route. The talk we’re having today will go like this.

“It was intriguing that he claimed he would deal with it tomorrow last night. He hasn’t been afraid to confront someone in the past. Only two years ago, Noa Lang, a Dutch international, gave him a tongue-lashing on the field during a significant cup match.

“Ten Hag got off the bench and shouted at him on the touchline in front of every television camera so that everyone could hear it, as well as the spectators behind the dugout, to make it very obvious that he did not tolerate it. “I make the decisions here, it’s not your game, it’s a team game,” All of that was audible. It also demonstrated how important the team is.

“I anticipate that Ronaldo won’t be a member of the United squad until there are significant financial incentives for the team to keep him there if they have to pay him too much to leave,” said the author.

‘Ronaldo thinks he’s bigger than the club’

Danny Mills, a former England and Premier League defender, characterised Ronaldo’s actions as despicable if accurate.

According to Mills, “If Ronaldo has done that, it’s an absolute disgrace.” “That’s disrespectful to the players, the coach, and the supporters.

What objection can he have while they are ahead 2-0? It wouldn’t be right if they were down 2-0, but I could sort of understand it.

“He obviously believes that he is bigger than the football team… After not getting engaged, it’s a selfish act.

It’s not like he can sneak out at Old Trafford; he is fully aware that everyone will see him stroll the entire length of the touchline.

Because Ronaldo will be the focus rather than a standout performance against a top team, “I feel bad for United and Ten Hag.”

Keane: Man Utd are disrespecting Ronaldo

When discussing Ronaldo’s situation on Sky Sports following United’s 6-3 humiliation at the hands of Manchester City earlier this month, Roy Keane offered a different perspective.

Following Ronaldo’s second consecutive benching, which Ten Hag claimed was his decision, “Keane stated: “I believe United are disrespecting Ronaldo out of respect. Before the transfer window opened, he ought to have been fired.

“The supervisor retained him. Okay, he claimed to desire choices. However, you don’t keep Ronaldo on the sidelines. He is among the best players to ever exist.

“He had the choice to relocate during the summer. This notion that he had no other options is absurd. He had four or five excellent choices.

“In the larger picture, Ten Hag won’t be playing Ronaldo. With each passing week of the season, it will only become worse.

“United have treated Ronaldo with nothing but disdain.”

‘I feel sorry for Ronaldo, it’ll be hard for United to move him on’

Jonathan Liew, a sportswriter for The Guardian:

“I actually felt bad for him. Over the years, I haven’t typically linked Ronaldo with that feeling.

“No one owes him a starting spot on a big team, but this is the one thing he excels at. He has dominated this game for years, and now, in the 89th minute, he is sitting on the sideline, watching his time run out. Due to the fact that he only has one or two years remaining at the highest level, I suddenly felt an amazing sense of melancholy.

“You may call United drama queens or petulant, but they knew who they were signing. Whether or not you want Mick Jagger in your band, if you do, be sure he won’t be playing the tambourine.

Ten Hag obviously has no need for him, and, to be honest, I don’t see where he goes from here, so I believe they’re in a real predicament.

“United were doing well commercially prior to his arrival, so I don’t think they need him for commercial reasons, particularly not if he’s unbalancing the team, generating unneeded headlines, and especially not if he doesn’t fit into the vision of a high-energy pressing team that not just Ten Hag wants, but most elite European coaches want to play.

It will be extremely difficult for them to let him leave since nowadays there are fewer and fewer teams that are as dysfunctional as United were when they signed him.

It’s not the first time: Ronaldo’s previous early exits

Since his comeback to the team 14 months ago, Ronaldo has a history of leaving early.

The 37-year-old was not used as a substitute in United’s 2-0 victory over Spurs on Wednesday but was observed leaving the field of play and entering the tunnel.

Earlier this year, Ronaldo was spotted departing Old Trafford before the conclusion of the team’s final preseason match, a 1-1 draw with Rayo Vallecano in August.

After United was held to a 1-1 draw against Everton, whose player Andros Townsend scored and then imitated Ronaldo’s signature goal celebration, Ronaldo was seen walking alone down the tunnel in October of last year.

Man Utd running plummets with Ronaldo starting

When Ronaldo has started for Manchester United in the Premier League this season, the team has run 10 km fewer each game.

In the startling 4-0 loss to Brentford in August. Ronaldo made his first league start of the year and played the entire 90 minutes.

Only Fulham had run less in a game this season, against Newcastle earlier this month. Than Erik ten Hag’s team did on that particular day as they covered just 95.5km collectively.

Ten Hag instructed his players to run the same same distance the following day. In practise after the Bees’ 13.8km greater distance travelled than United’s.

For the next six league games, the Dutch manager benched Ronaldo. He gave him his second and most recent start in the goalless draw with Newcastle earlier this month.

With 7.3km completed after 72 minutes. United’s distance in the contest was 101.5km, which is the second-lowest mark this season.

This season, United have actually travelled 10% less when Ronaldo has been named to the starting XI. A discrepancy that may have contributed to his decreasing playing time.

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