Who among the following is the master of snooker deciders?

Who exactly is the master of the snooker deciders? A number of players have a reputation for remaining calm under pressure.

A total of 43 players have taken part in more than 200 professional snooker deciders, according to the statistics website CueTracker.

The identities of some of the top competitors on our list of 10 nerveless players with the best win percentages could surprise you.

10. Graeme Dott

Deciders: 295 / Won: 166 / Percentage: 56.27%

Just about squeezing into the top ten of this list is the former world snooker champion, Graeme Dott.

The Scot really has the exact same winning percentage as Neil Robertson as of September 2022, but Dott has won 166 deciders, 18 more than the Australian.

It comes as no surprise that Dott is included here given that he is one of the most tenacious players in the game.

9. Robert Milkins

Deciders: 215 / Won: 121 / Percentage: 56.28%

The following two players on this list, beginning with this year’s Gibraltar Open victor Robert Milkins, come as more of a surprise.

Instead of his tenacity at the crunch of matches, Milkins has developed a reputation based largely on his natural talent and speed around the table.

But the numbers don’t lie, and it turns out that the Milkman consistently delivers when it counts.

8. Michael Holt

Deciders: 339 / Won: 194 / Percentage: 57.23%

Mark Selby’s placement on this list was never a question of if, but rather where?

Since the Master of Brinkmanship is the Jester’s other well-known moniker, it comes as a bit of a surprise that he doesn’t finish higher.


Despite this, Selby has the third-highest overall total of deciding-frame victories (194) and is only one behind the next confident competitor in this top ten. Selby’s victory % only qualifies him for seventh place.

6. John Higgins

Deciders: 334 / Won: 195 / Percentage: 58.38%

John Higgins, who must be scraped off the table, is regarded as one of the best all-around players the game has ever produced, along with Selby.

With 195 victories in deciders, the four-time world champion is second only to Mark Williams (207) in number of matches won.

In one of his most well-known deciding-frame victories, Higgins defeated Williams 10-9 to win the 2010 UK Championship.

5. Steve Davis

Deciders: 260 / Won: 153 / Percentage: 58.85%

Steve Davis, a six-time former world champion, leapfrogs Higgins and Selby to enter the top five.

With his loss to Dennis Taylor in the World Championship final in 1985, Davis suffered the most infamous defeat in the history of the game.

Nevertheless, he generally gave it his all when it counted, triumphing in 153 of 260 deciders in professional competition.

4. Stephen Maguire

Deciders: 269 / Won: 160 / Percentage: 59.48%

Even though Stephen Maguire is regarded as one of the Main Tour’s most tenacious competitors, some people would be surprised to learn that he has won the fourth-most decisive frames overall.

The Scot is also known for his propensity to lose it when things don’t go his way, but these statistics point to a higher level of tenacity.

Maguire won the 2013 Welsh Open and the 2008 China Open in decisive matches.

3. Ding Junhui

Deciders: 207 / Won: 124 / Percentage: 59.9%

Many people believe that Ding Junhui loses up too easily when a tie becomes close or when he struggles to play at his best.

But in this case, the Chinese star is ranked first, suggesting that there may be more to the fight than first appears.

Ding has played in the fewest final-frame matches compared to the other players on this list, but his win percentage of 59.9% is still excellent.

2. Stephen Hendry

Deciders: 227 / Won: 138 / Percentage: 60.79%

Stephen Hendry is one of only two players to have a win percentage rate of more than 60%.

The Scot’s most famous deciding-frame victory was in 1994 when he denied Jimmy White World Championship glory in Sheffield.

Hendry also memorably fought back from 8-2 behind to beat Mike Hallett 9-8 in the final of the 1991 Masters.

1. Ronnie O’Sullivan

Deciders: 260 / Won: 161 / Percentage: 61.92%

Another milestone for the undisputed champion of snooker deciders, Ronnie O’Sullivan. Who tops this chart with an astounding win percentage of 61.92%.

O’Sullivan is valued more for his capacity to thrash opponents, but also highlights his skill in close matches as well.

The Rocket has won five of his 39 ranking titles in deciders, but his 17-16 semi-final victory over Mark Selby at the Crucible Theatre in 2020 may be his most well-known close match overall.

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