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Jordan Flynn of Cowley is aiming a title match following his most recent victory.

Joshua Ocampo was the opponent in the Cowley boxer’s final match of the year, which he won on points.

Flynn’s record since becoming a professional is now 8-0 after the victory at the MECA facility in Swindon, which includes five triumphs this year.

Ocampo had previously won eight out of his previous 19 fights, six of them by way of knockout, thus Flynn anticipated a great performance.

But after a dominant opening round, Flynn made Ocampo defend, so that wasn’t to be the outcome.

According to Flynn, “He felt my strength in the first round, got hurt, and then went into survival mode.”

I anticipated that he would try to resist, but he was holding.

“I believed he’d have a proper go because he had eight victories and six knockouts, but as soon as he got caught, it was defensive mode.

“They’re good at surviving; if it had been eight rounds as opposed to six, he would have died.

We now understand that there are eight rounds instead of six.

“Now that the stakes are higher, there will be more fighting and knockouts.

But it was a strong, effective performance in this Title match.

In his previous match, Jordan Flynn defeated Rustem Fatkhullin at the Kassam Stadium on a historic night when professional boxing made its return to Oxford after a 60-year absence.

Although there was a boisterous atmosphere at Grenoble Road, Flynn thought the support in Swindon was more enthusiastic.

He remarked, “The atmosphere was fantastic; it was even louder than the Kassam fight.”

“They were all having a great time and were going crazy.”

The goal for 2019 is still a title battle, following a 2022 to be proud of.

After taking a short break, Flynn added, “I’ll return to the gym and continue exercising.”

“Hopefully I’ll learn a date, which could be around February, so it won’t be too far off and will happen soon.

“It might be a title match, but I think an eight-round battle is more likely to set up the title match.

It all comes down to choosing the appropriate battles and utilising these stepping stones.

“I’m happy with how well 2022 went, and I’m proud of myself.

“I’ve always been in training, and it’s been a busy year.



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